About Us

Doyenne the Label is a collaboration of sister duo, Aysha and Emily Wofford.  They were raised in a family of artists and musicians and were encouraged to explore their creativity and self-expression.
Aysha took the road less travelled and moved to the island of Kauai after high school.  She became enchanted by the beauty and rhythms of island life, where she pursued photography and fell in love with surfing.
Emily studied art and film at New York University.   She lived in ceaseless inspiration with her hummingbird-like curiosity for everything the city had to offer, from her passion for culinary decadence, to her love of movement and sensuality. 
Their lives were as different as possible,  but they used these complimentary experiences to create a sense of harmony and intimacy which they used as the cornerstone of their brand.
Doyenne the Label is for the woman who walks into a room and makes her environment more beautiful.  It is for the daring woman, who take risks. Born out of a belief that beauty does not have to compromise comfort, our silks are for the relaxed woman who is lounging around the house, grabbing drinks with friends,  or working late at the office.    
The Doyenne line is made of silk basics, timeless and effortless.  Made of luxurious 100% washed silk, with french seams and delicate attention to detail. They are able to be worn anywhere, from New York to Kauai. The modern woman has no barriers.  There is no longer city style or island style, there is only her style.  Doyenne is designed and created with love for, and by, modern women. 
Doyenne is synonymous with grace, elegance and strength.   The definition of the word doyenne is a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in her field. These delectable silks are made for every woman who is bold enough to take on the world with her femininity, constantly becoming the doyenne of her ever-blossoming life.   
Thank you for taking this journey with us!