How to care for your silk

Dry cleaning is always recommended, however if you are like us, and are a little too low maintenance for that, simply hand wash in cool water.   

Using a clean bowl fill with cool water.  You may like to occasionally add a gentle detergent.  If you have hard water we recommend adding a pinch of borax as well.  Add your silk garment to the bowl of cool water giving it gentle swirls before letting it sit for no more than a few minutes.   Using the same water temperature while rinsing to protect the silk fibers.  Empty the bowl and rinse in cold water again if you used soap.  On your last rinse you can add ½ a cup of organic distilled white vinegar which will help neutralize any soap residue, prevent alkaline damage, and brighten your silk.  To dry simply lay out a clean towel, place the garment flat on top of it, and very loosely roll it up like a cinnamon bun.  Once most of the water has been naturally absorbed by the towel lay flat to dry or hang dry.   

To remove wrinkles, hang the silk up and overnight most wrinkles should naturally fall out.   We like to hang our pieces up in the bathroom when we shower so the humidity can help quicken the process.  If you are in a hurry or have a particularly tough wrinkle, steam or iron the garment inside out on the silk or cool setting.  Be careful ironing and steaming, too much heat can damage silk. 

Never dry or store your silk in direct sunlight.

If cared for properly, our silk can improve with age.